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Saturday, September 25, 2010


3rd to 6th of August ’10 We have started our journey to Alor 8 13 S and 124 30 E with anticipation and at the same time felt sorry to leave Kupang as we all had such a great time and have made so many memories not to mention new friends in the land of smiles “Everyone is your new friend” We have couple of new names Bula meaning tourist and Mister. It makes no difference as in my case that I am not actually a Mister. Soon after leaving the coast of Kupang we learned some new rules and principles of sailing in Indonesia. 1 There is no wind 2. There is definitely no wind 3. In the not likely event of slight breeze it will be on the “nose” so of absolute no use other than cooling effect when sailing.

We have seen water that looked like what some call “a mirror” I call it “Amazing grace” and it really feels like that – no separation between the sky water and not a single wave…absolute silence…beautiful!!! The day was loooong and some of us felt really tired after the hustle and bustle of the last few days.
This is simply exchaustion.
One of the very first fishing boats we have seen. Exsciting! And they were so happy to see us too.
The little boats with blue tea towels for sails and so many...

More "Amazing grace" oh you can also add lots of dolphing jumping out of water in the distance.

Kalabahi our anchorage was the only town of the island of Alor located deep in a 17 km beautiful bay with enchanting views of mountains volcanoes small fishing villages and lots and lots of fishing boats/canoes. We were welcomed by a large group of them. At first they look like waves and really hard to see it was actually an amazing and amusing sight. Some of those boats are so small that can only accommodate one .Others have tiny small sails that look like they have been made from blue kitchen tea towels. I am not joking here. After thinking that we were going to run every one of them over we made it to Alor safely in rain and the haze of burning fires to the tune of Muslim call for prayer.

Smoky Alor

Hills with small villages
Always someone in the water calling mister mister...kind of nice and they are happy to stay around for hours...
The next couple of days made us realize that Kupang was like “New York”. We had fun we laughed almost cried felt privileged in life were humbled. This was a different world indeed. We were always welcomed everywhere surrounded by smiling faces. Something else too. We were never surrounded by so much rubbish in the water. Cognac almost escaped when we were not on board as the anchor rested on large plastic bag and decided to let go after 2 days. All ended well and no accidents caused.
To conclude our stay we attended another Gala Night at what we understood to be the king’s home. We were all transported in a very “antique” bus under police escort. That was a little contradiction and would be something that we will never forget. As well as the hospitality in the best Indonesian style.

Our bus.Not enirely sure about the vintage year and provided all with amazing laughter...all great

Well all on board..most sitting on springs...there was a tyre in the isle to cover the hole in the floor. And you know what counts is the intention after all we were taken care of in the best of style under police protrction.The trip took all but 5 min too.Great experience and unforgetable experience.

One vacant seat.

And the tradition is kept.

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