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Monday, November 8, 2010

Between Alor and Lembata

All the smiling curious and cheeky kids that followed us around

Between 10 - 16 August. Delayed due to missing network
The 3 of us on board of Cognac The Captain (“ Bobby” ) The Admiral (Tinker ) and The Purser (Woofer –Gary ) have left the anchorage in Alor altogether with the rubbish of the city in our wake.

With an 8-9 knots tide behind us we found a very nice and quite anchorage where we decided to stop for the night. This was one of 2 anchorages on our way to Lembata. This was really our first time we had a chance to visit a small fishing village. The first thing that happened was arrival of lots and lots of small canoes/boats with families just coming to have a look and call out to us “MISTER MISTER” maybe expecting to be given a something a gift which was really lovely and welcoming and after couple of hours a bit tiring. Had a group of teenage boys that stayed around and played and played with Robert ending up in the absolutely crystal clear water with them. NICE!

Robert fooling around as he does with the boys.

Roasted bananas on the beach...tasted a bit like hard potatoes with
 banana flavour ans sand.

and the typical...same...same really.This was a clean village by comparison.
 We visited our 2 villages and had fun with ALL the kids and so many of them. So many little smiling and cheeky faces. We ate roasted bananas on the beach with the locals seen delightful and very basic houses bought some strange looking fruit from a wide eyed girl (absolutely classic) seen pet pigs visited the only little shop seen a classic petrol station people drying fish more fish very little fish-still alive too on the stick and drying in the sun fruit and “stuff”. Lots of thing come under stuff category.

Told you this was a classic...
Really simple and sometimes qute houses
There are really lots of those with small little happy communities. They live extremely simple lives. They fish and fish have lots and lots of children and no one seems to be doing anything like work.
Pig pet...why not...

Their day starts with prayer really early for those who practice Muslim faith or a very early wake up call for those who practice the many other religions. All this is very loud and very loooong. Than it is time to burn rubbish cook eat and burn rubbish again religiously at 5pm. With all this burning there is enormous amount of rubbish that just floats around in the water. Has to be seen to be believed. Even photographs don’t show it the way it is.
We stayed as long as we could before our last stretch before Lembata and enjoyed every bit of it even the early morning “singing wake up calls”.

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