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Monday, April 5, 2010


There are so many boat and sea superstitions...not sure about it all and why tempt faith...
It is believed that Friday is the worst possible day to start a journey on a boat because it is believed that Christ was crucified on a Friday-various ships lost at sea disembarked on a Friday.
“Sunday sail, never fail”
Sunday is the best possible day to begin a voyage due to Christ’s resurrection on a Sunday, a good omen.
Never start a voyage on the first Monday in April - which was TODAY
This is the day that Cain slew Able.
Never say good luck or allow someone to say good luck to you unanswered.
If someone says “good luck” to you, it is most assuredly a bad omen and sure to bring about bad luck. The only way this can be countered is by drawing blood. A swift punch in the nose is usually sufficient to reverse this curse.Usually?Hope all here know that rule!!!!
Avoid people with red hair when going to the ship to begin a journey
Well we think that all our crew has or had red hair.Remember to stay silent please until spoke to!!!!!!!!!!!!
Red heads bring bad luck to a ship, which can be averted if you speak to the red-head before they speak to you.
Pouring wine on the deck will bring good luck on a long voyage
- we definetly will offer some white wine to all the Sea Gods tomorrow Neptune,Oceanus,Fortunus and all the remaining Gods we don't know about yet.
Dolphins swimming with the ship are a sign of good luck.
Dolphins are considered a sacred friend of fishermen, their presence indicates that you are under their protection.
It is unlucky to kill an albatross.
They host the soul of dead sailors and are considered to be an omen of bad luck at sea, especially if killed. Birds were thought to carry the souls of dead sailors.We have no plans or any inclinations to kill birds.
Cutting your hair or nails at sea is bad luck.
These were used as offerings to Proserpina, and Neptune will become jealous if these offerings are made while in his kingdom.Ok than I guess we need to attend to all our cosmetic needs on the marina.
The caul of the head of a new-born child is protection against drowning and will bring the owner good luck. Wow not doing that!!!!
What about the kid???
Tatooing a rooster and a pig on each of your feet will save you from drowning - this painful expeirence is nothing in comparison.Sorry mum and dad we will be comming home with 4 roosters and 4 pigs...
Don’t bring bananas on board, or you won’t catch any fish. And empty your pockets of pennies before boarding or your catch will be small. Don’t eat anything before the first fish is caught, and the first one caught each day must be spit upon and thrown back.
“Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.”
“Rain at seven means fine by eleven.” Rainy days usually consist of a series of showers, seldom lasting more than four hours.
A ring around the moon meant rain was coming. The ring is caused by ice crystals in the upper atmosphere, and that meant moisture, which could evolve into rain.
Women on the Water
A woman aboard is bad luck. It makes the seas angry and is an omen of bad luck for everyone aboard. However, a naked woman is good luck.
Strange sounds heard at sea were often blamed on sirens, or mermaids, mythical half-women, half-fish who sang enchanted songs. The melodies supposedly lured sailors into treacherous waters where their ships would be dashed against the rocks.
Ships are always referred to as “she.”
The reason is that they are the sailor’s home and refuge, sheltering and protecting him from an angry ocean. Just like mom and mother earth.
Bananas it was observed that nearly every ship that disappeared at sea and did not make its destination was carrying a cargo of bananas. bananas fermented and gave off methane gas, which would be trapped below deck. Anyone in the hold would succumb to the poisoned air, and anyone trying to climb down into the hold to help them would fall prey to the dangerous gas.Also species of spider with a lethal bite likes to hide in bunches of bananas.

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