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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Port Blair and the days that followed

Definetly a 30's look. Aberdeen Market taxi stand.

Delayed The next few days in port Blair were almost “fix the boat days”” waiting for mechanics days “not really able to move much from the boat.

The first mechanic appointment was brilliant on time and with expertise our dinghy got fixed in a flash and we all got hopeful that all the others were going to be just that. Well The Mechanic who was supposed to fix two generators and Apsaras engine turned up to on the boat with 240W globe and a wire as his testing equipment. Hmm... and it really was hmm. We could not communicate with him and he had no idea between the generator and the water maker. Apsara gave him no time of the day and Robert let him have a look with me objecting not to let him touch anything. Laugh if you want moment and with the heat language difference and sheer frustration our nerves started to frey.” Where is the champagne on the back deck”?The fridge mechanic on Cognac decisively wanted to fix our air-con and it took us good 10 min to persuade him that we did not have one a hmm...moment again and he came with the goods the next day. We also managed to find another mechanic and he came which is always a major bonus and had a meter with him not a globe and knew that the starter motor on our generator was broken and said he would have it rebuilt and ready the next morning. Brilliant would it happen – we had no idea. Apsara was doubtful and hopeful that their many problems would get resolved and chose to fix engine only as generator required new parts. So we waited.Still the great plan was most likely fix and turn around trip.Great news Barrie started to feel better and his hand infection clearing.
Old used to be grand and would you believe that there are buyers looking
 at these" beauties"every day. When one gets sold
  work starts not sure if to make these boats sea worthy or...

We managed to have some fun in the evenings either with friends from other boats trying out all the restaurants and Indian foods or exploring. Spent one very informative evening in the world famous and fascinating Circular Jail. Saw friends on super yacht Silverlining leave for their almost around the world trip...GREAT WINDS AND MANY ADVENTUES to the Silverlining family.
Sort of a roundabout.One sign reads "don't drink and drive-life is precious"
 Oh one other thing this is the second woman we have seen work here.

Golden Ghandi overseeing action here.

The washing machines.
There are water lilies growing there is rubbish really anything unexpected
is expected here...most unexpected-how does the laundry get clean???
The drying process is sometimes more interestig than the washing cycle.
Washing gets hung and than just placed where there is space.
Between the dust by-passing cows and many goats it is all done finished clean.
We never looked too closely or smelled our washing.Just trusted...ha...ha.
Oh I haven't mentioned re-fuling.
It is rater basic funny backbreaking and takes a long long time
 500 liters takes time
Amazing building and shops. There is a superb sari shop on 1 or 2nd floor.
It takes time to find how to get there
Not so sophisticated cash registerers and definetly a personal touch.
This is a zoo etry and our tuk tuk driver said that he wanted to come with us
 to see the animals...well what do you say.Buy him a ticket 2R
Cows...there are Hindu cows and Muslim cows. Muslim cows can be killed.
If you run over a cow you have to pay 5000 Rupi
Sari shop.The colour and choices-amazing.
This men obviously the owner has a sign on the wall "NO HUGGLING"
We think that he really means it too.
The flower making boys look happy enough...
Huggling is all fun here. It was joy doing busines with this
lovely and proud man.He sold us Andaman Island T-shirts.
Pretty young women in their colorful saris such a big part of this place.
We are getting used to the heat dust in our eyes and mouths cows smells new tastes and finding this place rather fascinating with so many little places and “jams” to discover.
Now this is a real laundry. Have not seen anything like this in my life.
Huge with the washing machines in the left corner.
Everything gets washed here in the same water
 as all the rinsing cycles

 If you are willing to look past the obvious you will see and enjoy a world that is vibrant so different to ours with a definite order even in what seemingly looks like chaos. Friendliness and smiles all around.

Aberdeen Bazar on a hot and dusty afternoon

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