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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Surin Islands

Beautiful and quite.
19th February 2012(delayed9degrees 25.66N and 97 degrees 53.55E. We arrived at Surin Islands towards the end of the day and tried to use one of many buoys available only to find that some were impossible to use and others were so close to coral that gave us a hair rising experience and a very speedy reverse action from Robert. In the end we decided to use our own anchor at least we were certain what was holding us. We chose the spot very carefully just to find out in the morning when water visibility changed drastically for better that we were lets say on the very edge of a coral jungle. Barrie proudly took a picture for us and named it "Robert living dangerously" - we moved quick smart of-course. There are only two main islands separated  by a very shallow channel with quite spectacular views. We took a dinghy drive all the way from one end It all looked very quite with lots of coral most dead and not much fish. The islands are supposedly uninhibited except for a smallest navy base a couple of a small resorts and the Singh (Lion) tribe of Chao Lay sea gypsies who live in a village on Koh Surinam Tai.
Chao Lay sea gypsies village.
 We visited wanted to know how they live. Apparently they have their own language and do not count past 10 and live mostly on fish and rice. We arrived on an incredibly hot afternoon when most were having their "wash" for the day and no one really took any notice of us. It almost felt like intruding in someone's home which they didn't mind. Their life was just going on as normal and us well almost like invisible people. The pictures will tell the story.
A LAMENTING very loudly women in one of the houses caught our attention. At the same time a group of happy people were building something - yes a very basic coffin. Apparently there was an accident.

A rather social occassion of coffin building.

The women playing an intense game of cards.

Little trouble makers playing with their dad's boat.
Yes the one in the water made it...

This is a real kitchen not a display.Symplicity works

 Very happy little people with lots of " spunk"

Some seem to reside on boats and are all smiles.

The afternoon wash time for all in the village. Quite a sight...different.

Just a glympse into the private home.

All the houses have proper numbers.
And look closely inside. The king's picture is present in many homes.

Mother and a child.The white on the face of mother
 is just flour mixed with water and used as sunscreen.

The men are busy making their own boats and fishing.
 Some even work in the nearby small resort.

Robert waithing patiently.
He ended up helping this little bou with a little boat he had in the water...
no words were necessary between men.


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