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Monday, May 31, 2010

Portland Roads…we could stay here-delayed due to network coverage

Portland Roads-the main road

Monday 24th May-Robert was really anticipating this day for some reason he always wanted to come to Portland Roads. It is such a far away place from anywhere. I dressed up for the occasion and we proceeded on our journey leaving our Orchid Point anchorage in Lloyds Bay. The sail took us over 3 hours in 25 knots of wind… a rather short day. Portland Roads 12 degrees 35.49 South 143 degrees 24.55 East is absolutely stunning on approach. I have taken some photographs for you and must say that they do not represent the beauty of this place. One of the first things that we have noticed were the stunning large houses settled in the hills. Who lives here and why???We made it to the shore in our dinghy unfortunately it was on a very low tide so we could not reach the shore and had to leave our dinghy over coral not to mention walking over it (we do have great shoes ). We spoke with some friendly locals on land who prompted told us that there were large crocodiles around..hmmm I am petrified of those creatures!!!And that is probably an understatement. I “spat the dummy a bit” hmm. Happens to the best of us. We had a plan to maybe have coffee withdraw some money as we heard that it was possible. Well coffee shop was closed and money oh well no such luck. Cute little place with one road (unmade) that leads (after 14 hours drive) to Cairns.

Lots of mangroves and lots of tropical plants. Apparently this place was a strategic point during the war with landing strip…where? We will be leaving early to continue our journey. Our other news-we finally caught a very lovely and good sized tuna fish and lost yet another lure..oh and Robert finished the peanut butter that was going to last us till Darwin LOL. Hoping that all your news are wonderful. Thinking of you all and thank you so much for keeping in contact with us. MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!!! Our connection is very sporadic now so forgive us if you don’t hear from us for a few days


Baby mangrove at low tide.They get covered with water
Portland Roads first sight
Local kids playing in the reef right next to mangroves and yes they have crocks there

The blue dress I wore for the crocodiles-wonder if they have colour prefferences?
Fishing trawler - the little boats that go out to fish and bring the fish back to mother ship everyday
"Bobby"finishing last of peanut butter

And always a perfect finish to a day

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  1. Fantastic Photos... Love hte blue dress am sure hte crocs loved it :) Love to you both xo CCP