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Friday, December 3, 2010

Between Lembata and Maumere

One of our visiting fisherman comes for a peek...
this one had nothing to trade nor was he game to say anything.

Our 2nd anchorage where "THE BOYS" fixed the small engine problem.
Just a loose hose.Look closely at the edge of the water and you will see
palm stumpscreated during
 one of the natural disasters here.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO relaxing the wind the water and....

August 14th - 19th delayed due to coverage We had 6 days to make our way from Lembata to Maumere and decided to take it slow and easy with shorter sailing days and stays overnight wherever we liked with no time limits. It was time for some r&r. The first anchorage was a short distance from Lembata. It was a beautiful day and an absolutely amazing spot with water so clear and in so many different hues of blue and blue green with a tiny island and a colony of birds STUNNING!!!! We loved everything about it except it was very uncomfortable at night so we did not and could not get much sleep at all. The morning was just perfect with little fisherman coming for a look in their little boats.Others picking sea urchins washed away on shore at the “tiny” island.We had to move and had some nice wind on the way so even the MPS sail got some use. Had a little problem with an overheated motor nothing serious could have been fixed in 5 minutes if one was small enough and took the whole really hot day with ALL the credit to Woofer Robert and Barry from Apsara.

Sunsets...well you see for yourself.

Tinker playing NIGELA and making her proud with snake bean creation a'la Indian
These few days were relaxing and playful as the picture story tells.Enjoy…

Also 2nd anchorage at night a beautiful sight with
smoke and fires which we thought were lava spots...could have been.

The "BOYS" happy again after having fixed our technical problem
 in the scorching heat for hours. Each had a scrub with dishwashing liquid
(the only thing that removes grease).They scrubbed up OK.

And the beautiful glistering lazy soft excuses for waves.

Tinker's creativity unvailing...ha ha

This was another fabulous spot with water so clear and a heart beach...most stone
 formations were in a shape of a heart. I wish I have taken lots and lots...
never seen them again. When there is an opportunity-take it!!!!
We called this spot Stairway to heaven.

And the heart beach....

Tinker still playing with camere and self portrait.

Helping the local fisherman with trade just freebies.
Most of the boats that approach us are looking for free anyting some
 even demand it.

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  1. Wonderful Photos! Sunset, bobby and Gary you... all perfect!