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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Maumere - delayed

Fishing village at low tide...these houses go fo miles
 19th- 22nd August – delayed due to network coverage Maumere anchorage 08 35South 122 11 East East Nusa Tengara Sikka Regency (here comes the part of too many names)

This was not an easy place to anchor with the promised capacity for 100 yachts we were the 20th yacht to arrive and there was no room. Most yachts have let out a lot of anchor chain like 80-90 m so needless to say anchoring was like knitting a very fine lace. Thanks to our wonderful captain skills who performed a very delicate maneuvering action ( like getting into a tightest of tight parking spots where the other cars were secured on strings and moving with a strong wind ) and after closing my eyes for a while ( you know “what you can’t see won’t hurt you” ) we anchored leaving the closest reef about 1 1/2m behind us. The water was beautiful and clear and no rubbish. I guess we have seen enough rubbish on our way here. Loooottttttssssssssss of different things…plastic bags would have to take first place only after plastic bottles large logs (3-6m ) palm trees rats goats without feet decomposing of course dead fish…add what you want to the list.

This is a lovely clean house with 2 graves right in the front door a clean baby
and a dog.
The graves are a very important part of life
where people sleep on them eat have meetings play games ...really all sort of things

Happy happy kids playing with their home made trucks.
Always so great to see. We call them the
"Red truck brigades"in the nices way

Our bemo stop and waiting area right outside the resort...hmmm
 Maumere anchorage was different as it was a part of Wailiti resort. We have not seen a resort in Indonesia. What we have seen so far were rather remote areas or like” Kupang the New York of Indonesia”. As we got of the boat and up on one of those newly built platforms (nails not all in place) and proceeded to the main street trough what seemed like a pig breeding place right opposite some fields where a lot of really happy kids were playing with little red trucks they have made out of car oil containers. Some had wheels others still waiting for parts to make wheels.

This walking "bridge" was so new that some nails were not quite all the way in...

The Royal Family at the gala dinner. This one was different.
The entertainment started with a self
starter and first timer
 who could not sing or dance even the princess smiled.The food ran out
 so back to dried fish and rice and something.
We never worked out what the something was...

Maumere from the sea...
 This road took us to a very clean corner house where the ancestors graves were placed straight in the front door. Must say that this was the first clean house we have seen. There was even a clean dog without too much damage to his body. The main street was occupied by goats marking the bemo stop. Once on a music blaring bemo with all windows closed and the heat reaching 45 our hearts almost stopped few times as the bemo driver was new and came close to THE EDGE with a huge fall a few times off to the market ( pasar ) we went. The heat is getting unbearable for all of us. Just be able to go out we drink gastrolite to replace all the fluids and eat bananas to keep the sugar up and than follow up with beer and coca cola which works. We can’t drink water anymore it only makes us swell. Hey things we do to get a few “fresh veggies” and the little fruit that is for sale. We wanted to get some onion just to find out that it was $7 (49 000) per kilo in a country that everything is about the 1000 (7000 = $1-) we opted for local onion that is the size of our garlic and spent hours peeling. Many other things were for sale here including dogs which were tied up in shocking ways. This upset couple of our party( I was lucky not to have seen it ) so we left as fast as we could and minding the steps always. We have to watch every step we take and watch out for others as the roads have holes big enough for a human to fit in…we need all those legs and arm on board. Another fishing village lovely to look at from the water and not so on land. Another gala night…yes dried fish and rice and some other food not sure what. We snorkled in the fabulous reef behind the boat with lots of sea lice to bite still a great sight and a totally different world to the one above peaceful clean quite and ANOTHER FABULOUS EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!

Refulling in a breeze is never a breeze....

CAPITANS NOTE A brand new way in refueling. Hire a tip truck with seven guys seventy jerry cans than explain to the truck driver where to go for fuel go to the local fuel station and just DO IT!!!!!!!!! Than of course take it back to the boats.

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