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Friday, December 10, 2010

Kelimutu trip to the lakes - delayed

The little and painful bemo with our guide.
 (Delayed due to coverage)Sometimes between the 23rd and 26th August Kelimutu Lakes trip still the Maumere experience. Another great one! We all wanted to see the multi colored lakes formed in the craters of volcanoes. So of we went arranging our trip and in the Indonesian spirit and fashion organization is not the best skill.
 Ata Bupu the dark lake for old people

Blue lake for young people.

The offering and prayers to up ease the gods.


And back at the car park having a chat with the local
 merchants of goods we did not want to buy.
They even had letters in English telling us how wonderful
their goods are and that we should buy.

The many trips the "Boys" have made to arrange this trip...Thanks

Just a quick visit to the local market to buy some green food.
One thing every dog was expecting puppies or just had puppies. No exception
 It took some time some perseverance and we were ready and due to leave at 6am when the trip got cancelled at 4am than it was on again than there was no bemo and at the end we went bemo(that little car) showed up the uncle of the cousin of the guide came (laugh if you want). The drive was long eventful and painful for some. Robert had a spring pressing his bottom we laughed at him and had to throw away his shorts after the trip as the spring went let’s say too far. Gary had to hold on for life or money to a little pole to stay on board myself and Chris were the winners as I brought a bean bag pretty white one – not white anymore. It saved our spines. Barry sat with the driver as he was the tallest and got intoxicated with smoke inhalation.

The trip was amazing after passing many beautiful rice fields unmade roads with no bridges we got to the top where we stopped to give offerings and prayers. Our guide did that. He said that every time he forgot the lakes were covered with clouds and invisible.

We stopped at the car park for a little while to pick up our coffee man who carried the coffee all the way to the top.

It is believed that spirits come to Kelimutu when people die. The Mae – spirit would leave it’s village and come to stay at Kelimutu forever so it is a sacred place. Which lake the spirit would enter depends on age and its spirit when alive. The lakes look like colorful paint and change color without any prior natural clues. It is no wonder this mystical place has become a legend. The lakes were truly beautiful very big and very deep. There were some monkeys on the way too. After having our coffee at the top we came back to the car park for another session with our bemo. Great trip and great memories…

Lots of rice fields on the way to Kelimutu.Beautiful really.

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