Sailing off


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cape York we made it!!!!!!-delayed due to network coverage

Thursday the 27th May We finally made it to Cape York and than Seisia 10 degrees.50.86 south and 142 degrees 21.78 east. We reached Cape York sailing trough the Albany Passage. With a small window of time to go trough the passage on full tide we were there right on time travelling with two other boats. The water in the passage was travelling very quickly adding almost 5 knots to our speed (it was like sailing on one of those travelators at the airport) Because of the quick flow of water there were lots of Eddies ( rather strong whirl ) and other little intricate white balls of foam that looked like little buoys ( markers on water)The passage is beautiful- it felt like achieving this special prize…getting to the top of Australia. We made it Cape York!11 Almost like making it to New York…LOL Would you believe that there was something right there on the Cape in the total wilderness. Robert said that there were 2 people. Absolutely surreal – people. I had my own ideas. I could see red and thought it must have been a statue of Captain Cook and really had to laugh when we got closer and indeed there was a lovely couple sitting on a bench. I even got a chance to say good morning. This still makes me laugh…We clearly had to celebrate so got out and stood on the point with couple of glasses of Limón cello from Italy (for the girls remember” Under the Tuscan sun” ) .Than guess what? We made a left turn! Not travelling North anymore.

We just had to stop sailing and visit Cape York in person to celebrate
Cognac and friends catamaran "Night moves" in a beautiful bay while we were celebrating at the Cape
A turning point!!! We continued to town called Seisia to be welcomed by this absolutely amazing silver 1 m stingray jumping out of the water. The little town is little and it has a supermarket petrol station even a restaurant (well something like that).It is steaming HOT and the ground is red. Had a small celebratory party on board.We will be here for 2 nights and are already getting ready for our first overnight crossing 2 nights 3 days (no anchorage until we get to Gove).Friday 28th May. We already have diesel on board all safety equipment in place charting and are now only waiting for wind which should be acceptable tomorrow (10-15 knots) to start our journey west. I am a bit nervous and excited as this will be my first night crossing. Robert is very reassuring. Send us some positive vibes. Much love

Limón cello from Italy

Pearl farm in the morning-we had to be very careful to maneuver the nets
Almost at the Cape

Laugh if you want...that is Seisia all over

Us at the beach at Seisia in our "water car"

The last two pictures were taken at the same time on the left the moon rising and on the right the sun setting.This is called "Stairway to heaven"

Sun setting over a rusty wreck


  1. nice pics. did u get one with the "stairway"? its a fascinating sight!! you should get lots of fish in Gove, apparently its a fishing place!
    SL xx

  2. Look Fab! MUM we are sending you all the best vibes in teh world. You 2 will be more than fine, plus Soph and I are waiting for updates all the time, so focus on that :)

    You both look so well and healthy and you look thinner!!!