Sailing off


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Escape River-late due to network coverage

And the crocodiles are waiting....
Wednesday 26 May

What a day a long one and very eventful. We left Margaret Bay 11 degrees 57. 46 south 143 degrees 12.38 east at 4am today for our destination - Escape River where we arrived at 4 pm. This is last anchorage before we reach the top of Australia Cape York. The days are passing so fast now as we are travelling long distances and so much happens each day that if we didn’t make a record of it at night some of our experiences would be forgotten. The night sail was rather special with the moons reflection in the water with moon- set. Did you know that the moon actually changes colour. When it finally sets the sky fills up with stars absolutely amazing.

Moon was almost full

And the setting moon
Sunrise spectacular as always
 Not to mention the shooting stars. It can be rather difficult to see things clearly in the dark before the sun rises. Just like in life…We caught a rather large tuna fish. The poor thing fought and made an incredible mess. The back of the boat looked like a murder scene. It can be difficult when we catch a large fish. they move so much and so fast with hooks sticking from them. Killing them gently is not really an option. It has to be very decisive. The whole deck gets so slimy and slippery and all that happens while the boat is in motion.Tuna was filleted by our specialist fish monger.
Our beautiful catch
The spacialist fish monger

 We had another nice surprise four beautiful dolphins came to visit and play for a little while oh and a sea snake. Arriving in Escape River was not the easiest entry as there are pearl farms here. The nets are close in the entry channel and we needed to pay so much attention not to get caught out in them.. There were 2 rather large crocodiles resting on the shore to greet us. It is deceiving…sometimes the shore looks like a great beach with white sand and than you can look in 1 hour the beach is gone and you will find yourself in crocodile country. The pearl farmers came to see us as soon as we arrived to alert us that we should not even as much as wave a finger outside the boundaries of the boat. Nice guys. We thought that the day was full and to top all the excitement there were flocks of red winged bats flying over the boat…amazing.
The bats and the moon...what a combination

 I can hear them making their noises outside. It is definitely time for bed…tired. Sending you all much love

Captn thinking of new adventures


  1. What a fish!!! Im impressed.... but not impressed with those crocs!!!!! Geeeeezzzzz... Captain looks very deep in thought. The moon ...WOW... stars...oh how I miss stars... we dont see any! CCP

  2. well done on the catch - so sashimi, sushi, and all things yummy was on the menu I guess!! and of course, the head and the bones to make fish head curry, right? keep up the good work, fishmonger. SL xx